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  • 10 years labour warranty for roofing
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About Us

KYX Roofing is a professional roofing company. Adhering to the principle of high quality, high integrity for every customer to bring the most trusted roof project.

Kyx Roofing in ensuring “high quality, high integrity” of the project, to ensure “high security” construction concept for each staff to provide comprehensive construction safety and security measures. At the same time to protect the interests of employees, our company purchased a high amount of commercial insurance and employee insurance. Ensure that the safety of customers and neighbors is protected during construction.
Kyx Roofing professional roof project: roof renovation (plane, slope), roof trap, skylight installation, chimney new maintenance, aluminum works, sink cleaning, screening, small shed to build, insulation cotton installation 10 years manual warranty.

Kyx roofing have more than 10 years experience of professional team, Services for markham, newmarket, waterloo, burlington, please contact customer service phone we will contact the local salesman as soon as possible.

E-mail: TEL: 647-866-7896
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